07-10-19 UPDATED streets project timeline

THIS IS AN UPDATE TO THE NOTICE POSTED JULY 9TH (dates have changed slightly)

North, South and Level Streets Residents here is a TENTATIVE timeline of the streets project that is currently being done in the Village:

  1. Friday and Monday, July 12th & 15th contractors will be doing stringlining for the new curb and gutters.
  2. Tuesday and Wednesday, July 16th & 17th the new curb and gutters will be poured.
  3. The day after the curb and gutter are poured,  the flatwork concrete contractor will come in to do the flatwork (pouring driveways to replace any that were torn out during construction).
  4. Once the concrete is poured, you will NOT be able to drive on it for 7 days.
  5. You will be able to park in front of you homes, on the gravel, just do NOT drive on the curb and gutter or your driveways.
  6. Monday July 22nd paving of asphalt will be done.


  • Once all of the above is done, the contractor will relocate to Farwell and Weaver Streets to begin work on that part of the project.

  • Landscaping crews will come in when all 5 streets are completed to do the necessary landscaping.

If you have any questions call the Village office at 608-924-5881