08-13-19 Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Update

Summary of Last Month’s Work

  • Staab has continued work on the Control Building. On the interior of the building, most of the lighting has been installed. All cabinetry, doors, and windows have also been installed. Finally, most of the HVAC system and plumbing is in place.
  • Additionally, all of the necessary wastewater process equipment is installed in the building in preparation for startups throughout the month.


Upcoming Month Schedule

  • Looking ahead, construction will continue on the Control Building, including minor interior work such as painting, caulking, and cleaning. Cellular and telephone service will be secured for facility operation. HVAC and plumbing systems will be finalized.
  • Equipment startups began at the beginning of August and are going smoothly. Startups will progress over the course of the month with commissioning of the plant at the end of the month.

Overall Schedule

  • WWTF operational 10/1/19
  • Final Completion 12/31/19

The site began as a sludge lagoon.
The lagoon was drained in order to begin excavation and backfill to create a site suitable for construction of the proposed upgrades.

The package plant constructed with piping, handrails, and grating.

Activated Sludge Package Plant
The package plant was constructed first due to its elevation. This structure consists of a series of tanks that use biological processes to treat wastewater. Screened wastewater flows into the package plant, and treated effluent from the package plant flows to the disinfection system. The photos below show a progression of the construction.


Control Building

The Control Building houses the operator’s office and much of the equipment for facility operations. The Control Building also contains the screening room, where wastewater first enters the facility. A mechanical screen removes debris from the wastewater prior to it entering the package plant.

The Control Building foundations being constructed.

Laborers pouring a portion of the concrete slab.

 The Control Building with framing and some roofing installed.

The Control Building with roofing, siding, and doors installed.