08-19-19 Cardinal Way Subdivision Project Update

The village closed and the builder started construction at Lots 3 and 5 with pouring of the foundations! To view the most recent video click here.

Completed the week of August 12, 2019

  1. Contractor working on final street preparation.
  2. Contractor working on deceleration/acceleration lanes.
  3. Alliant Energy installed 3 phase main line near the Cardinal Way entrance.
  4. Charter Communications on site installing utility near Cardinal Way entrance.  Charter is essentially working with Alliant for sharing the installation of their utility.

Anticipated schedule for the week of August 19, 2019

  1. Alliant Energy installing utility in the subdivision early next week.  Alliant Energy did not get as far as they projected this week due to wet conditions.
  2. Charter Communications on site installing utility in the subdivision.  Again, Charter is working with Alliant.
  3. Charter Communications – regarding the existing poles and the service along C.T.H. ‘HHH’, Charter will have an outage in the transfer of the utility.  Charter has to provide a 30 day notice because of all the municipalities affected (Area from Ridgeway to Cassville).  The existing Charter wire on the poles and the Charter service on the ‘mound’ at the intersection cannot be disturbed until after the 30 day notice.  Ultimately, this means the final landscaping and grading along ‘HHH’ will not be completed until after Charter is through.
  4. Final street preparation by Iverson Construction.
  5. Iverson Construction on site mid-to-late in the week to install hot mix asphalt.
  6. Contractor will be completing deceleration/acceleration lanes.
  7. Contractor will be working on final grading and landscaping following utility companies completing their installations.