10-10-19 Weaver & Farwell Project Notice

North & South Weaver and Farwell Streets Residents (from Keane Street to Kirby Street):

  1. Tomorrow, Friday October 11, 2019, the new curbs and gutters will be poured.
  2. Once the Curb & Gutter are poured, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE ON THESE FOR 7 DAYS.
  3. After the curbs and gutters are poured,  the flatwork concrete contractor will come in to do the flatwork (pouring driveways to replace any that were torn out during construction). This will be done on Monday or Tuesday, October 14th or 15th.
  4. You WILL be able to park in front of your homes, on the gravel,  just do NOT drive on the curb and gutter or your driveways.
  5. After the flatwork is poured, paving of asphalt will be done.

The flatwork and asphalt are tentative and subject to change.