10-31-19 Snow Emergency

The Village of Ridgeway has now called a SNOW EMERGENCY. Below is the information from Village of Ridgeway Ordinance 4.02

(4) Snow Emergencies. (Cr. June 2, 2008).

(a)  A “Snow Emergency” exists whenever there is an accumulation of snow of three or more inches during a 24-hour period. Such accumulation interferes with the ability of vehicles to travel safely in the Village of Ridgeway and constitutes a public hazard impairing public health, safety and welfare. A snow emergency continues in effect for 48 hours after the snowfall has ended and until the snow has been removed from the streets or until the emergency is cancelled by the Director of Public Works.

(b)  During this time, parking on the Village streets and lots is prohibited, with the exception of emergency vehicles and with the exception of the following locations: Old Main East, Old Main West.