07-09-19 Streets Project Update – TENTATIVE Timeline

North, South and Level Streets Residents here is a TENTATIVE timeline of the streets project that is currently being done in the Village:

  1. July 10th and 11th, Wednesday and Thursday, contractors will be doing stringlining for the new curb and gutters.
  2. July 12th or 15th, Friday or Monday, concrete contractor will be pouring the new curb and gutters. Once poured, you will NOT be able to drive on the concrete for 7 days while it cures. You will be able to park in front of you homes, on the gravel, just do NOT drive on the curb and gutter or over it to get in your driveways.
  3. July 16th or 17th, Tuesday or Wednesday,  the flatwork concrete contractor will come in to do the flatwork (pouring driveways to replace any that were torn out during construction).
  4. July 18th or 19th, Thursday or Friday, paving of asphalt will be done.


Once all of the above is done, the contractor will relocate to Farwell and Weaver Streets.

06-26-19 2018 Consumer Confidence Report

The Village of Ridgeway is pleased to share the 2018 Consumer Confidence Report. A copy will be included with the Ridgeway Utility bills this month. If you wish to view it online click here to view the report.

06-20-19 Reminder – Water off on Friday 06-21-19

Just a quick reminder that on Friday, June 21, 2019 water will be off from 8am until approximately 2:00pm. Areas to be off will be all users west of the intersection of North and Main Streets, including the Collins Addition (Ternes, Lorraine, Quinn, Collins and Bier). Residents received a notice on their doors on Tuesday. Please plan accordingly. If you have any questions contact Jeff at 608-669-0977 or the village office at 608-924-5881 (office closed on Fridays).

06-17-19 UPDATE Water Notice

Murphy Street Residents: Your water will be off on Wednesday, June 19th from 8am until noon, while the new water tie-ins are done. Please call the Village office at 608-924-5881 or Public Works at 608-669-0977 if you have any questions.

North Street Residents and to the west, including the Collins Addition : Your water will be off on Friday, June 21st from 8am until approximately 2pm, while the new water tie-ins are done. Please call the Village office at 608-924-5881 or Public Works at 608-669-0977 if you have any questions.

06-17-19 Brush drop off

The road to the brush drop off site at the Wastewater Treatment Plant will be closed temporarily for the next 2-3 days. Please avoid this area.

06-06-19 Level Street – Possible water off intermittantly today

Village of Ridgeway – LEVEL STREET RESIDENTS!!

A water main break was located this morning during construction. I believe that one has been taken care of as of now. After speaking with the engineer moments ago, I just wanted to give heads up that if more are found, the water will be shut off until repaired.

I apologize for the delay and short notice. If you have any questions feel free to call the village office at 608-924-5881.

06-03-19 Subdivision Infrastructure Construction

Construction is to begin this week to get the water, sewer and street in for the new subdivision. Construction will be on the west end of the village, near County Road H Nouth and Main Street. Be aware of construction equipment and workers as you are entering or leaving the Village.

Keep watching for updates on this project.


05-17-19 Village office CLOSED

The Village of Ridgeway Clerk/Treasurer office will be closed until Tuesday, May 28th. Do NOT leave payments in the dropbox at the office. You may take them to Farmer’s Savings Bank in Ridgeway to be picked up once the office re-opens.