Ridgeway Community Center

The Village of Ridgeway is repurposing the former Ridgeway School into a Community Center for residents, visitors, and the surrounding community to optimize operational and commercial performance of the communities historic asset.

History of the Site:

The original portion of the building was constructed as part of a Federal Public Works Administration Program in 1939. Ridgeway High School/Ridgeway Union High School operated in the village until consolidation into the Dodgeville School District in the 1960’s. The original portion of the building received an additional wing in 1965 and continued to function as an active school until permanently closing in April 2020. The Village of Ridgeway received a grant from Compeer Financial to have a feasibility study done to assess the constructability of rehabilitating the former school into a community center. The feasibility study was conducted by Strang Engineering in September and the final report was completed in December 2020.

Amenities in the Space:

  • Community Gym – Basketball and volleyball court
  • Volunteer Library and Media Center – See Hours
  • Senior Center – cards every morning!
  • Kitchen and Multipurpose Room
  • Conference Center/Meeting Rooms – Village Board and Committee/Commission Meetings in Room 101
  • Village Office – Suite A
  • Marshal’s Office – Suite B
  • Retail and Business Space – Interested? Call the village office!

Development Planning:

At the October 13, 2020 village board meeting, the board reviewed the feasibility study and moved forward with purchasing the RES building for $1.00 from the Dodgeville School Board.

The Board of Trustees budgeted $450,000 to address the immediate HVAC concerns and necessary renovations to make these amenities available to the community to maximize the use of the building during the 2021 budget process.

The village issued a request for proposals in January 2022 for qualified firms to address the lagging HVAC infrastructure and make improvements to the community room. Construction will be moving forward May/June/July 2022 with Bauer & Raether Builders.

2022 Renovation Project Plans

2022 Renovation Project Manual

Community Survey:

In the summer of 2020, the Village of Ridgeway conducted a community survey to hear input and learn how the community envisioned seeing the RES building utilized to help guide the overall planning and conceptualize the usage of the building. Planning was undertaken with the communities goals in mind.

Feasibility Study:

In the fall of 2020, the village received a $5,000 grant from Compeer Financial to conduct a feasibility study on the RES building and the village Plan Commission held weekly public meetings with Strang Engineering to guide the exploratory process and potential of re-adapting the elementary school building.

Potential Long Range Community Center Layout – Option 2 Layout From Feasibility Study

Please note, the potential projects presented in the study may or may not be completed but were presented as part of the process to provide a future road map and prepare initial plans to inform the board of trustees prior to accepting the offer to purchase.

Donations & Funding:

Private donations from area organizations have been received. If your organization would like to contribute to the project, please make checks payable to the Village of Ridgeway.

We will also be actively seeking and applying for grant money to help fund the Community Center to offset costs and provide improvements whenever possible.

Project Partners:

Dodgeville Public Library | Village of Ridgeway Board of Trustees, Plan Commission, and Streets, Sidewalks & Park Committee | Community Member Volunteers | Friends of the Ridgeway Volunteer Library | Ridgeway Garden Club

Project Funders:

Compeer Financial | Malcolm Stack Foundation | Anne and Tim Connor | Ridgeway Home and School Group | The Ridgeway Farmers Market | Anonymous