Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
A Comprehensive Plan (or “Comp Plan” for short) is a blueprint for how a community will develop and grow. Its purpose is to provide the community with information and policies that they can use to guide future planning and community decisions. State Statutes require that comprehensive plans be updated at least every ten years. Below is the most recent village plan as approved by the Village Board on April 13, 2021.

2021 Comprehensive Plan

Appendices and Maps

How is a comprehensive plan used? 

Many actions are informed by detailed planning efforts that are incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan which serves as a unifying “umbrella” Plan under which all other plans and goals are generally consistent. The Village uses the Plan as a big-picture guide for actions and decisions.  In short, it plans where and how growth will occur, and what goals we are trying to reach as a community.

Comprehensive Planning and Zoning – What is the difference?

The Future Land Use Map is adopted as part of the Comprehensive Plan and is one of the primary tools for managing land development. The Future Land Use designation of a parcel of land determines the general type of use allowed, as well as the maximum level of density or intensity allowed (such as the number of residential units per acre). The zoning regulations provide one or more zoning districts for implementing each Future Land Use designation. The zoning designation of a parcel of land determines, in more detail than the Future Land Use designation, what type and level of development may occur. Village of Ridgeway Zoning Information