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Ridgeway Marshal’s Office

To Protect and Serve

Welcome to the Ridgeway’s Marshal’s Office formerly known as the Ridgeway Police Department.   We are still a law enforcement agency dedicated to professional community policing.

In December of 2018, at the request of Michael Gorham, the Village Board moved to return back to having a Village Marshal consistent with Wisconsin State Statute. The move was part of a public relations strategy to promote and foster a new philosophy in community policing with the residents and guests of Ridgeway.  A focus on problem solving and working with the community to make Ridgeway the great little community we all know it to be.  You are encouraged to visit any of our businesses.

A new catch phrase of “Catch the Spirit of Community Policing” was developed.  This embraced Ridgeway’s Lore of the “Famous Ghosts”, citizens reported across the years.

Our  Motto is “Partners in Service and Protection”

How to communicate with our Office.

To further aid in citizens in communicating with the Marshal’s Office, our Report Management Software includes an Online Reporting Component. If you follow the link below, it will bring you to our online report format.

Online Report

Go to the page, Select Village of Ridgeway, and then hit continue. The next page will walk the person reporting through a series of fill in the blank steps.  If you want to post Anonymous, the type Anonymous in the Last Name Box.

This is not the only method to communicate.

You always should call 9-1-1 in the event of any life-threatening emergency.

You can call the Iowa County Communication Center to talk with a Dispatcher.  Their number is (608) 935-3314.  If a Marshal is on duty, they will dispatch us. If a Marshal is not on duty, the Dispatcher will dispatch an Iowa County Deputy Sheriff to meet with you.

For a frame of reference, our agency augments the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office in protection. There is 168 hours in a week, and the Ridgeway Marshal’s Office covers approximately twenty percent of the 168 hours.

The squad cell phone was removed from public service due to lack of usage.

You can call 608-924-1030 and leave a voicemail at the Ridgeway Marshal’s Office..

You can send an email to [email protected]

Visit our Facebook Page, Ridgeway Marshal’s Office

What makes our great relationship with our community is our triad of communication, trust, and respect.  Thank you for being great partners.  Come visit Ridgeway where you are at home.

Michael Gorham-Marshal
[email protected]

Village of Ridgeway Marshal’s Office
208 Jarvis St, Suite B
PO Box 304
Ridgeway, WI 53582

Office: 608-924-1030
Fax: 1-888-275-8057