Does my dog require a license?

Yes. Dog licenses expire on December 31st each year. Renewals are due and payable before April 1st of each year. 
According to the Wisconsin State Statue 174.05, if you are the owner of a dog more than 5 months old, a license needs to be purchased before April 1st of each year to avoid a $10 late fee.

Fees are $18.00 for unaltered animals, or $8.00 if neutered/spayed.
Licenses may be purchased during regular office hours.

Information needed to license your pet: a) Name of dog and breed, b) Male or Female, c) If spayed or neutered, d) Name and address of owner, e) All rabies vaccination information, date given & expired, Manufacturer, Serial number, tag number. Complete the form

There is a $10.00 fee for late licensing (after March 31st, yearly).