Election Information

Our goal is for all eligible voters to be able to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted.

Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM on election days.  Voting is conducted at the Ridgeway Fire Station, 113 Dougherty Court, Ridgeway.

Residents must register to vote if they have never registered before, if they have moved, if they have changed their name, or if they have not voted during the previous four years.  Voters may register at the Clerk’s office up to the Friday before the election or at the polls on the day of the election.

Voter Information Center

Online voter registration is available Click Here

Information about 2018 elections – What’s on the ballot?
November 6, 2018 – Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, U.S. Senator, Representative in Congress, State Senator (odd-numbered districts), Representatives to the Assembly (all Districts), County offices of Sheriff, Clerk of Court, and Coroner (where applicable)

Voters may choose to submit a written request/application to have an absentee ballot sent to them. Requests to receive an absentee ballot by mail must be filed with the Clerk’s office. Applications for absentee ballots and voter registration are available at the Clerk’s office and on this website.

Some examples of acceptable Photo IDs include a Wisconsin Driver License, Wisconsin State ID, Wisconsin Driver or State ID receipt, Veteran Health Card ID, U.S. Passport or Card, U.S. Uniformed Services ID, Tribal ID, Certificate of Naturalization, University or College ID that is voter ID compliant. University or College students who do not have an acceptable form of photo identification for voting purposes can contact their school administration to obtain a voting compliant ID card. For additional information on which documents can be used as photo identification, please visit the website: https://www.bringitwisconsin.com/news or call the clerk’s office at 608-924-5881 for more information.

In-person voters must sign the poll book to obtain a ballot. The poll book contains a signature block for each voter. Only one poll book needs to be signed. Voters unable to sign the poll book because of a physical disability are exempt from the requirement. If this applies to you, tell the election officials that you are unable to sign because of a disability. Election officials will write “Exempt” in your signature block.

Voters with mobility issues who are unable to enter the voting location may vote from the curb of their polling place.

Please note that there are exceptions for military voters and indefinitely confined electors. Please contact the Clerk’s Office at 608-924-5881 for more information.