Burn Permit

Fee is $5

Village Ordinance: 10.08 BURNING OF GRASS, TRASH OR GENERAL BONFIRES RESTRICTED. (Cr. Nov. 1, 1954). (Am. June 16, 2020)

(1) Grass Fires Regulated. No person shall kindle any fire within the Village without first securing a written permit from the Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk. The Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk may issue such permit subject to any conditions he/she deems necessary for the protection of life and property.
(2) Trash Burning Restricted. No person shall kindle or cause to be kindled any fire in or upon any street, alley, public way, park or any public or private property within the Village within 15 feet of any building or within 10 feet of any property line or within any fire lane unless same be confined within a refuse burner, basket or metal enclosure with a metal cover attached to prevent the escape of sparks and burning material and unless so authorized by the Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk. No such permit shall be valid for more than one year from its date.
(3) Bonfires Restricted. No person shall start any bonfire within the Village limits without first securing the written permission of the Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk.