Dog & Chicken Licenses

Dog License Application
(not required for renewals).

All dogs, 5 months and older, are required to be licensed per State Law and Village Ord. 8.05.


Spayed/Neutered/Altered: $8

Unaltered: $18

  • Proof of alteration required.
  • Rabies vaccination certificate required.
  • Licenses are due by March 31st every year.

License renewals may be purchased through the village office. After March 31, a $10 late fee will be charged. The fine for keeping an unlicensed dog in the village limits is $25.00 to $200.00, and any additional court costs per Municipal Code 8.05(m). The Village of Ridgeway and the Iowa County Humane Society urge dog and cat owners to be responsible by complying with the laws on rabies vaccinations, licensing, leashes, and litter clean up.

Chicken License Application

RENEWAL: Chicken License Renewal Application

Include copy of registration of premises with the Wisconsin Department of Trade, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection


For questions about animal licenses, please call the village office at 608-924-5881.