Park and Recreation Commission

Regular Commission Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month

Michele Casper-Chair/Village President | 608-924-2070| [email protected]
Tanner Cullen – Streets and Parks Superintendent | 608-924-1520 | [email protected]
Julene Garner – Trustee |  2021 – 2022 
Kellee Venden – Trustee | 2021 – 2022
Megan James | 2021 – 2023 Term
John McSherry | 2021 – 2023 Term
Angela Richardson | 2021 – 2023 Term

The Park and Recreation Commission makes recommendations to the Village Board regarding:

  • Public land use, park, and open space development
  • The acquisition of any park or recreation lands, facilities and equipment by gift, devise, bequest or condemnation, either absolutely or in trusts; money, real or personal property, or any incorporated right or privilege
  • Special events, recreational activities, and public property usage

The Commission governs, manages and controls the use of all public parks or recreational lands and recreational activities of the Village and adopts the necessary rules and regulations for this purpose.

The Commission governs, manages, controls, improves and cares for all public parks, parkways, boulevards and pleasure drives located within, or partly within and partly without, the village limits, and secures the quiet, orderly and suitable use and enjoyment thereof by the people; also, to adopt rules and regulations to promote those purposes.

Provides for the governance, management, improvement, care, and acquisition of village park property.

All rules and regulations so adopted shall be approved by the Village Board and if necessary, enforcement of those ordinances shall be adopted by the Village Board.

The Commission may employ and supervises, all staff and personnel necessary to conduct the recreational programs subject to such limitations as may be set for the appropriations made by the Village Board.

The Commission plans for the location, layout and equipping of all parks and recreational lands, recommends all recreational equipment needed to equip said parks and recreational lands, plans for, implements and manages all recreational activities of the Village of Ridgeway as may be assigned to the Village and recommends to the Village Board any purchases necessary unless the Village Board has approved said purchase in the budget.


The Park and Recreation Commission consists of the Village President, two Village Trustees, the Streets and Parks Superintendent, and three citizens. Citizen members serve two-year terms.


Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in the Meeting Room of the Community Center (208 Jarvis Street) on the first Tuesday of the month on an as needed basis.

Statutory Authority

The Park and Recreation Commission was established in August 2021, pursuant to Sections 27.08 and 27.13 Wis. Stats. Governing City park board, powers; Town and Village Parks.

The Park and Recreation Commission makes recommendations to the Village Board and its actions include mostly legislative procedures and policy recommendations.

Key Documents

The Park and Recreation Commission is responsible for:

  • Development and implementation of the five-year Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
  • Reviewing applications, contracts, special event requests, and policy documents related to Parks and Recreation and public land use in the Village of Ridgeway