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Planning & Development Committee Member

March 10, 2016
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The Village of Ridgeway is currently asking for a few residents to join a few board members and become part of a Planning & Development Committee. This committee is for the betterment of the community. If you are interested in being a part of this committee contact Lori at the Village Office by calling 608-924-5881 or emailing […]

Absentee Voting April 5, 2016

March 7, 2016
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Information for Absentee Voting can be found by clicking here.

Board of Trustees Meeting

March 7, 2016
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The monthly Board of Trustees Meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. The agenda can be viewed here

New Website!

March 1, 2016
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We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! Our goal is to provide our Village residents and visitors an easy way to access information. The user – friendly content is well organized so you can easily navigate the site to find the information you’re looking for. The website will always be […]

Feb 02, 2016 Snow Emergency

February 26, 2016
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Snow emergency Feb 02, 2016 The snow has arrived! Snow emergency in effect. No parking on village streets for up 24 hours after the snow stops.

Feb 01, 2016 Snow Emergency

February 26, 2016
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Snow Emergency Feb 01, 2016 Village of Ridgeway has issued a snow emergency beginning tonight at midnight thru noon Wednesday. NO PARKING ON ANY VILLAGE STREETS.

Jan 28, 2016 Snow Emergency

February 26, 2016
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Snow Emergency Jan 28, 2016 Due to weather forecast there may be a snow emergency next week. Will sent notification and post on the website and Facebook page if one is called.

Jan 27, 2016 Tax payments

February 26, 2016
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Tax payments Jan 27, 2016 The Village of Ridgeway will NOT be having extended hours for tax payments.

Jan 14, 2016 Ridgeway Police Info

February 26, 2016
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Ridgeway Police Info Jan 14, 2016 Ridgeway Police new address and phones: 208 Jarvis St, Suite B. Office phone 608-924-1030, Fax 608-924-1035, squad cell 608-669-0877


12-04-19 Type A Spring Village 2020
11-15-19 Type A Spring 2020 County

04-02-19 Type A Spring Village 
04-02-19 Type E Spring Village 2019
02-19-19 Location & Hours of Polling Place

11-06-18 Polling Location & Hours
11-06-18 Absentee Notice
08-14-18 Polling Location & Hours
08-14-18 Absentee Notice
04-03-18 Type E Absentee Municipal
02-15-18 Public Test Legal Notice-February 20th Primary
02-20-18 Poll Loc and hrs
2-20-18 Primary Type E Absentee
04-30-18 Type A Spring Village
Type A Spring 2018 County
Village Type B and Sample Ballot Spring Election 2018
Mar 29 Public Test Legal Notice-Spring
Type D Muni W-O Local Race Spring2018

Type D Polling Location & Hours Notice-Spring
Type A Notice April 5, 2017
Type D-Spring Primary Notice

11-08-16 Village Results
11-08-16 Sample Ballot Presidential Only
11-08-16 Sample Ballot Partisan Office
11-8-16 Absentee Ballot Information
08-09-16 Village Results
08-09-16 Polling location and hours
08-09-16 Absentee Ballot Information
08-09-16 SAMPLE BALLOT Partisan Primary
04-05-16 Village of Ridgeway Election Results
04-05-16 Type B Spring 2016
04-05-16 Spring Village Board Election Ballot
04-05-16 School Referendum Sample Ballot
04-05-16 Presidential Preference Sample Ballot
04-05-16 Nonpartisan (School Board) Sample Ballot
04-05-16 Nonpartisan Sample Ballot
04-05-16 Absentee Voting for April Election
03-09-16 4.05.1-2 Amended Alternate Side Parking
02-06-16 Village Election Results
02-09-16 Photo ID Required
02-04-16 Public Test of Election Equipment

11-12-15 2016 Spring Election Notice
04-08-15 Village Election Results
03-26-15 Public Test Spring Election
03-10-15 Absentee Voting instructions
03-04-15 Poll Workers Needed
01-29-15 Polling places-School Board Primary-Feb. 17th
Apr 06, 2015 Election
Feb 17, 2015 Primary Election